With Simple Tips, Create And Enjoy Your Beautiful Lawn

A beautiful lawn is the most desired feature that many people wish to have as it makes home premises more attractive. Many search Google to find out tips and tricks for the perfect lawn.

A green lawn is what makes you best before your guests. It also provides a relaxing place for you as spending time in a good lawn can remove the stress in your mind and can make your heart pleasant. If you care properly, then it is not that difficult to maintain a lush and green lawn. Here are few important things you hand to keep in mind to well maintain your lawn.

1. Cutting

Cutting your lawn regularly is the main thing you should never forget. Cutting of lawn make the grass thicker and adds beauty to your lawn. It is always better to cut very often as cutting less is preferable than all in one go. Each time you mow, you should switch to different directions and also should follow different patterns because grass blades are always not pressed in the same direction. At each time you cut, you must shorten the grass just by around ⅔ rd to 5 cm approximately. During the mid-summer, it is better to keep the grass a bit longer, as it can withstand periods of drought better.Apart from that if you cut your lawn you should also trim the trees in the area this way you can maintain the beauty of your lawn. Ask for professional help like Sunshine Coast Tree Lopping in trimming your trees to achieve perfection.

2. Watering

Watering is the one thing that should be never avoided if you want your lawn to be lush and green, irrespective of seasonal changes. The frequency of watering your lawn mainly depends upon humidity and temperature. If your grass resembles blue-grey tint or if it begins to wilt or curl up, then it is a clear sign of your grass that it requires water. The newly planted lawns should be watered once a day so that the seeds can germinate faster. Watering it daily also leads too good solid root system. You can water your lawn just by a pipe or through hand or by a fully automatic watering equipment. It is best to have a watering controls equipment as you can even track the water quantity you have given to your lawn.

3. Fertilizing

Cutting will make the grass to lose its nutrients. So these nutrients should be replaced in order to achieve good and healthy growth. For this, you have to fertilize the whole lawn at least for every 4 or 5 weeks and this process needs to be done from the beginning of spring season itself.  You can get the necessary special lawn fertilizers at your local garden retailers shop. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the necessary mixes needed for fertilization. However, you should use these fertilizers carefully in an indicated direction and in a required quantity.

4. Weed Control
By using correct techniques, you can do battle against weeds in your lawn. Weeds can be removed in a perfect manner by using mechanical means. Smaller weeds need to be plucked out with a manual scarifier, whereas, dandelions should be taken out with a root weeder to avoid the regrowth. If these weeds overcome the grass, then it is required to restructure whole soil and to cover it with rolled turf.