Choosing wood for your garden shed

Posted by scenery on April 24, 2018 in Gardening |

Wood is known to be the most popular tool for building sheds whether it is for storage, garden, tool or any other kind of shed.

Sheds made of wood engage an ancient feel that charms most people. A garden shed made out of wood produces a feeling of natural blending in the garden. Wood is a natural element that makes it compatible in the garden, unlike metal or plastic that looks really out of place when displayed. The opposed hues and contours on wood are preserved when it is turned to a shed giving the impression of an old century country house. Wooden sheds are also built with old colonial styles, with wedged roofs, curved windows, and workbenches in the side adding more charm rustically.

Painting wood sheds can be easily done with any colors. Painting it with green, yellow or orange produces the feel of making it one with the garden. Repainting it externally changes the entire look of the garden.

One disadvantage of using wood as a material for construction is that wood rots. A prolonged exposure to water causes it turning your wood to become puffy and then crumble. Then it becomes a home for fungi like molds which might bring ailments to the people using the shed.

Another problem is termites. They attack woods in armies eating away the foundation of the shed. If this happens, the entire shed might collapse. Woods may also harbor cockroaches, spiders, and other insects or even rats.

In able to prevent this from happening, your wooden sheds should be well-built and properly positioned in your garden. There are several pest controls that you can also use to prevent those organisms into destroying your wooden shed. There are also known preservatives that will help keep your shed pest-free.

But the best thing here is to buy a pre-made high quality wooden shed from reputable makers. This way, you can be sure of having a worry-free wooden shed in your garden, others even deliver it for free.

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