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Today lots of city-dwellers aspire to purchase out-of-town realty as a place of constant residency or a place to visit on weekends. The basic attraction for people at all times was nature. It becomes the major reason for individuals to need more landscape design and landscape gardening services.

That is scenery design what helps to solve the entire totality of difficulties and make atmosphere of comfort around you. Of course, the owner of the land plot must be active in creating his landscape projecting.

Scenery design project plan developed by specialists and the client makes feeling of convenience and retirement to nature.

Technology of landscape design  is determined at first by natural component. The plants are selected due to the climate conditions of the place. Relief determines architectonic designing decisions of the land plot.

The landscape is shaped due to distinctions in relief structure and to natural variety. The main demand for landscape engineering is the assessment of a condition and opportunities of geomorphological changing of a land lot.

For this reason the most particular relief examination of a plot must be made at a projecting stage. The analysis includes particular investigation of all landscape components situated on the elaborated area and contiguous territory.

In course of the examination vegetation of the elaborated territory is investigated. Only after all lead researches it is probable to begin landscape engineering.

Scenery engineering is a whole set of measures which include fulfillment, horticulture. Natural materials such as stone, vegetations, ponds and modern technical achievements such as illumination and pouring and drainage system are used.

The project for the land lot should be worked out due to the law of nature but the space – due to the law of architecture.

3 principle rules of colour concord are utilized in landscape designing. These rules will assist you to make a plant composition:

  • Every colour against the contrasting background becomes richer, composition of contrasting colours will make the image richer.
  • When you mix some colours they diminish the sense of their saturation. It becomes more vivid if the colours are nearer to each other in colour circle.
  • The more distinction in brightness and saturations, the stricter contrast will appear.

For example, on a red background orange color seems as yellow, yellow – turns green, and green definitely becomes blue. And on a glowing green background, red and dark colours become more violet and yellow turns nearer to orange colour.

The goal of the landscape design today is to make the land lot that is overgrown with wild plants, to a cosy garden that is created in a certain manner on the taste of the client. There are a large number of methods of scenery design. They rely on different factors, such as relief of the soil, customs of the region, taste and fiscal possibilities of the owner. There can’t be two similar individual sites, each of them – realization of a personal plan of the client.

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